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and a live report at 6:00. >> ama: the floods on do -- flood threat on the russia river is over. a viewer septembers photos of the rising water. send your picture to web ureport@kgo-tv.com. said it only took three hours for the river to rise three feet. we're live with the latest. reporter: people who live along the russian river are breathing easier now. the russian river was expected to flood, and now it's actually five feet below flood stage. it's a comfort for people in this area who have lived through massive flooding. >> angie is cleaning up in front of her home on mill street in gurneyville. the russian river came up to her garage door. >> came up to the edge of our garage, and then it only went in there when the people would drive by with their trucks and make the wakes go. >> thousands lived here for 22 years. she built this house with the main living quarters 20 feet before the street level because the river floods so offer. she said at one point her daughter used this kayak to help a neighbor out of his flooded home. anthony white showed how high the water reached. he said he w
and singapore. by 8th grade they're trailing russia, hong kong and sork in math and science. >> sandhya patel just had a dry spell. now, something is changing. >> yes. obviously. >> if i didn't, i'd be in trouble, right?ykéç this is fascinating. >> let's talk about the weather. you're going to need umbrella and jacket. winter like storms coming to bay area. in clouds from high definition camera these clouds are a sign of changes on the way. this storm is bringing light rainfalling. and it's on the way to the bay area. it will be tracking this moisture for you. the moisture is just about 60 miles from santa rosa. we should be see being rave. temperatures into 50s. five to 15 degrees cooler. u bigger changes coming. rain arrives this evening. scattered showers tomorrow, frosty mornings and freezing cold conditions coming up into friday. here is the storm. it's a cold one coming out of the gulf of alaska. colder air behind it. notice it's limited in moisture. so we're not expecting a lot of rain. so tonight at 7:00 p.m. we'll see rain in yu kaia. p front. behind the front we'll see rainfall tu
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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